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What others say about Hyko

Mother of three girls

"Surprisingly Hyko slightly changes the colour when we leave the fridge door open! So simple for kids to understand why they shouldn't leave it open, when they see the result on Hyko."

"Here’s an ingenious connected device to conserve energy. A great way to get people excited about conservation (and saving money)."

Mother of two

Our kids just couldn't keep their fascination with Hyko to themselves and told all our neighbours about him! Soon our house was filled with people who wanted to meet Hyko and try him out for themselves.

We can't wait until we get to meet Hyko in real life. Polar bear Hyko warns against melting ice caps.

Father of three

It was strange to see - our coffee machine used so much. I used to leave it on all the time when going to work. Thanks to Hyko for showing us that this habit doesn't benefit our family finances.

How children learn to save energy

Hyko package includes

Always on your sight, happy or sad. Shed new light on your energy use.

  • Emotional colour coding: happy, neutral, sad
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Recyclable/Sustainable/Enviromentally friendly [the plastic will be recycled or upcycled]
  • Micro USB
  • Extra notifications, for instance: if it rains - pulsate green
  • Adjusts to your specific household´s energy usage
  • Energy efficient - automatically reduces brightness when you're not around
  • Different modes of visualisation, for example, real-time consumption or daily consumption - changed through the button or mobile device

Electricity measurement in real-time

  • Works with all kind of meters
  • Easy installation with step-by-step in-app instructions
  • or IFFT asfas
  • Wireless (868 MHz) data transfer that could go through 3-floors buildings. Don't worry to lose signal with Hyko senses
  • 2AA batteries

Adapts to your life and guides you through complex energy issues

  • Energy usage vizualization
  • Tips and suggestions
  • Goals and missions
  • Competition and comparrision
  • Gamification

Access your data whenever you want and wherever you are

  • It's free - no subscriptions fees
  • Data storage
  • data analysis
  • Integrations with external services like weather or other IOT devices
    AShite to red + others for IFFT

Help kids understand the bigger picture. Take your kids on an adventure in energy awareness through a tale.

Try it out for free - download now!
  • interactive
  • voice-over
  • Improves reading skills

How does it work

Making an impact could be easy and fun

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