Take your kids on an adventure in energy awareness!

Interactive storybook app for iPad
  • Join Hyko as he explores the causes of climate change
  • Learn how saving energy can help save the polar bears
  • Read along with narration, or turn off narration for independent reading
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About the book

The polar ice is melting. Every day, it gets harder and harder for the polar bears to find food. So the Great Bear grants super powers to a young bear named Hyko, and sends him on a mission to the land of the humans to stop the ice from melting. Hyko must master his new powers, befriend a human family, and get to the bottom of what’s causing the ice to melt... before it’s too late.

Climate change and energy awareness can feel like overwhelming subjects. But this charming story addresses those huge issues on a scale kids can relate to. In the first of further adventures to come, Hyko introduces children to the plight of the polar bears, and teaches them what they can start doing right now, today, to help.

You can be an energy hero, too

An adventure in energy awareness!
Can a heroic young polar bear named Hyko solve the mystery of the melting ice - and save the polar bears’ way of life? In this charming interactive storybook for kids and parents, you’ll learn how to help Hyko on his mission by using energy more wisely in your own home.
Hyko’s Adventure App is part of the cooperation between CareToSave and the Dutch grid operator Stedin. Hyko helps Stedin to have younger generations play their part in the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy system, by raising awareness on how we consume energy. Stedin believes in a future of cooperation towards a sustainable and decentralized energy system.